Client testimonials

My collaboration with Dimosthenis Moumiadis, who is a dog trainer and behaviourist, began in October 2012, when I saved a stray dog Dioni. She was found shot in the legs. Dioni was carrying bad experiences and displaying many aggressive behaviours. As I was not familiar with positive training, I was constantly and mistakenly reinforcing bad behaviour. My life with Dioni was unbearable and dangerous not only for her and for me but also for the other dog that was living with us.

My meeting with Dimosthenis and the whole Kynagon family literally saved my life! He took Dioni by the hand and made her trust him completely. She was trained in basic behaviours – but that was really nothing in comparison to the real knowledge she acquired. She fought and managed to overcome her fears and began to see the world with a new perspective, forgiving those who abused her. Dioni owes her life to Dimosthenis.

For my next rescued dog Axel, I don’t have much to say. I gave Dimosthenis a dog in devastation and despair, and after a few months I had a happy dog that could believe in his abilities.

These two dogs are now partners of my teaming programme – a project that promotes animal welfare in schools all around Greece. At the time of writing, 2000 students have met Dioni and Axel. This is my dream come true! Without Dimosthenis’ support one thing is for sure, I wouldn’t have made it. There are no words to describe those whose work makes such an important cause come true.

Greece is lucky enough to have a trainer who can understand a dog in distress and can see his sorrow, his happiness, support him and help him to transform into a normal happy and balanced dog. Dimosthensis can get into his mind and promote his well-being.

My meeting with him was a fortunate moment in my life and a great gift. Dimosthenis taught me that living with a dog can completely change our lives for the better when we realise that no violence can have a place there. I will always owe gratitude to him.

(Katerina Papapostolou, School Teacher, December 2016, Greece)

Kate has been working with my lurcher Lenny for over a year now. Lenny has fearful aggression following several nasty dog attacks and is hyper-vigilante and reactive when outdoors. Kate assessed our situation, completed a report and gave us a clear plan to work to, providing different tools to make the outdoor world more rewarding. Throughout the year Kate has reviewed and adjusted our plan to ensure we progress as well as possible.

I highly recommend Kate to anyone considering involvement of a behaviourist. She is professional, kind, consistent and reliable and has been on hand during periods of unrest!

(Paula Stone, October 2016, UK)

Husdjur run extremely fun and educational courses in a lovely environment with great teachers – something truly out of the ordinary as there are several good classes to choose from. My dogs clearly show (at the parking lot) that they are happy coming for courses with David Svennelid and Lena Maria at Hund & Husdjur. They love the teachers and the environment just as much as their mum does! There is such a calm and cosy energy at the courses and every lesson fruitful. The lessons are pedagogical with time for questions, which makes it easier to continue the training in between the lessons. My warmest recommendations to Hund & Husdjur.

(Charlott Widegren, May 2016, Sweden)

My two rescue greyhounds have benefited enormously from Angela’s expertise. … I couldn’t praise her or her methods highly enough. … My scared, agoraphobic little girl Twinkle and my boisterous boy Terence, are now well balanced, happy hounds!  Their recall is awesome and it warms my heart to see Twinkle playing and wagging her tail, and Terence running off lead and without a muzzle after being told he must never be out off lead or unmuzzled.

We’re now looking at the possibility of adopting an old Patterdale terrier called Daisy, which we would never have been able to do without the socialising we were able to complete with FIDO.

Keep up the good work Angela and THANK YOU from all of us.

(Carl Mairs, February 2016, UK)

Being a disabled person who is wheelchair-bound with quite severe upper limb weakness, I was hoping my Border Collie (Indy) could be taught to help me with everyday life. Lorraine instantly put myself, my husband and Indy at ease with her understanding and very gentle nature.

Using click, treats, praise and time Lorraine taught us how to work together to achieve so many things. She has, quite literally, helped train Indy to such a standard I can be home alone without my husband having to leave employment to be with me.Indy is an unbelievably happy dog who enjoys the training and loves Lorraine’s visits. I would recommend her to anybody looking for a dog trainer without hesitation.

(Mrs Nicola Gibbs, May 2015, UK)

Willow Dog Rescue would like to thank Nikki for her training plan and help with Jasper and William’s minor issues. Both dogs have made fantastic progress and have now found their forever homes. Thank you Nikki!

(Willow Dog Rescue, UK)