Fast track puppy survival


I only wish I had this book when I had my puppy 14 years ago. It would have saved me a lot of trouble, and given me a good laugh as well.

This book is a must for new puppy owners.  It takes you through each daunting stage of puppy ownership when each owner thinks that they have acquired a demon rather than a cute little puppy.

It’s a short, easy to read book with great illustrations yet the information and advice given is so important with easy to implement steps and ideas for each problem that you may encounter. This book also dispels myths in a way that people can understand and explains why they are myths.

Apart from helping with problems that the owner may encounter, the book also covers topics such as choosing a puppy class, the importance of mental stimulation as well as physical exercise, preparing your dog for car travel, and discusses the law and its implications for you as a dog owner and your dog. At the end of the book there is a helpful check list of people, dogs, environments and objects that your dog should have good experiences with to help them cope with life as they grow.

All in all a superb book!  Look out for the review of the next book in the series about adolescent dogs.

Review by Sue Lefevre G.Dip ABM, MICB, Member of ICB

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