HAAH review by Brigitte Barton

Home alone and happy

Home Alone – and Happy is a book which every new dog owner should put on his MUST HAVE reading list. It is clearly laid out and beautifully illustrated. A pleasure to pick up and read.

Kate approaches the subject of preventing separation anxiety with an in depth knowledge of how the dog feels and thinks when left to cope on his own. She explains what action to take in easy to follow steps and in clear language. Her knowledge is based on scientific research but makes easy reading.

This book offers charts and work sheets to fill in by the owner to record the dog’s progress and behaviour when being prepared for Home Alone – and Happy time.

The owner will know and understand what to do as Kate gives clear reasons for her programme and the dog will quickly learn to become independent and cope on his own.

The book is not only for little puppies but also for rescue dogs who already show signs of anxiety when owners have to go out and leave the dog behind. It is clearly explained how to progress step by step without rushing the process and experiencing setbacks. Every owner who has read this book will understand the dog’s body language from showing anxiety to being relaxed and it therefore makes it easy to follow Kate’s advice to help the dog cope.

I can strongly recommend this book for its scientifically based advice presented in easy to read language as well as the ability by the author to express her deep understanding of dogs.

Reviewed by Brigitte Barton, A.Dip.CBM, FISAP, Member of ICB

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