HAAH review by Sue Lefevre

Home alone and happyPrevention is better than cure.  This is a quote that we have all heard, and this book is excellent at looking at how separation anxiety in dogs can help be prevented before it becomes problematic and distressing for both the owner and especially the dog.

Home Alone – and Happy! explains what separation anxiety is and the signs to look out for. Not only does the book give great ways to help your dog be comfortable on their own, it also tells you why these techniques help. It encourages the reader to think from the dog’s point of view. Home alone – and Happy! provides evaluation worksheets and an assessment worksheet for owners to fill in, which are very easy to use and helpful.

This book helps the owner with different techniques and explains how to implement them in small steps that are easy to follow. Not only does Kate beautifully explain the techniques, she also tells you why these different techniques will help, using science and scientific research, in a reader-friendly way that certainly won’t overwhelm the average dog owner and will help them understand the process.

This book is beautifully illustrated and easy to understand, and I would recommend Home Alone – and Happy! to anybody who is thinking of getting a dog, whether a puppy or a rescue, or who wants to enrich their existing dog’s home-alone time.

Review by Sue Lefevre G.Dip ABM, MICB, Member of ICB

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