Fast Track Puppy Survival Kit – Kate Mallatratt


The Fast Track ‘Puppy Survival Kit’ is a fabulous book for all puppy owners! Lyn Fleet and Helen Roberts dispel some common myths about puppy training and give excellent no-nonsense advice on how to bring up a well-adjusted puppy. They cover all the essential foundation skills that you, the owner, will need to understand in order to bring up a well-adjusted puppy. The book covers topics such as how to settle a puppy in his new home, dealing with common challenges such as chewing and his all-important socialisation and habituation.

The book is short enough to be read in one sitting and is packed full of information and useful tips offering sensible solutions to many puppy challenges. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who is buying a puppy.

Review by Kate Mallatratt Ad.Dip CBM, Member of ICB

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