I have recently observed an interesting change in behaviour due to one of my dogs passing away. There were 4 dogs in my group, 2 males, 2 females, all of them castrated. The girls automatically paired up with one of the males without intervention. The mentally strongest dog, a bitch called Holly, took the 8 week old puppy Boogie under her wings and taught him all there … Continue reading Regrouping

Breed specific behaviour (Ever heard of a Shih Tzu herding sheep? )

By Lyn Fleet What do you really have at the end of your lead? If you don’t know what your dog was originally bred to do, you won’t be able to tell what is perfectly normal behaviour or what is out of the ordinary. Sadly, many people do more research when they are buying a new car, TV or even vertical blinds, than when they … Continue reading Breed specific behaviour (Ever heard of a Shih Tzu herding sheep? )

A walk in the park

By Sue Lefevre with photographs by Cheryl Murphy In an ideal world, a walk in the park with your dog would be wonderful and relaxing.  All the dogs would be friendly, play with each other and interact socially.  Importantly, they would all return to their owners when called first time. Unfortunately, as we all know too well, we don’t live in a world that is ideal. For … Continue reading A walk in the park

Feeding your dog a raw diet

By Brigitte Barton

Many dogs develop skin allergies, over active behaviour, aggression, bad teeth, cancer etc a few years into their life.
More often than not these symptoms are due to a manufactured diet which comes in tins or in the form of dried food. Due to the manufacturing process many important minerals and vitamins are killed and lead to a deficiency. Continue reading “Feeding your dog a raw diet”