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Advanced Clicker Skills:
Effective Communication

This Effective Communication workshop is designed to take your training skills to a new level. We often click and treat without giving much thought as to the quality of the behaviour or stop to consider how reinforcer delivery influences the behaviour. With careful planning, we can achieve the desired behaviour quickly and seamlessly without frustration, driving new behaviour without error, resulting in happy dogs who will never fail to surprise us with their learning speed and mental agility! Can you keep up?

The workshop runs from 10-4pm on Saturday and 10-1pm on Sunday. There will be a mix of lectures and practical sessions, and spectators will have the opportunity to participate in group events.

A CPD certificate for handlers and spectators will be provided on the day.

This workshop is suitable for handlers and dogs who have some experience of clicker training. You don’t need advanced skills but will need a basic knowledge of the principles of clicker training and a dog who is clicker savvy.

If you book a handler place, your dog must be able to work in a group environment and settle quietly when he/she is not working.